Free Hand Decors

Free Hand examples will be grouped under the appropriate decor category, e.g. "Drag Loop". These eleven decors categories are listed below. They include one category for "Undocumented" pieces. Undocumented pieces (not to be confused with FH #Unk pieces) are examples where either the shape or decor or both are not found in the 24 Special Lots.


Click below on an image representing a decor category and you will be taken to its "gallery", housing all examples for that decor identified to date. Once there clicking on any image enlarges it.



         Abstract                    Cut Crystal                 Drag Loop

FH Abstract 2 cu

FH 514 cut pattern16 Drag Loop Cu

                   King Tut                       Leaf & Vine                Lily Pad & Vine

FH KT cu FH LV Cu FH lily pad cu

              Lustre Glaze             Mirror Glaze                Spider Web

78a FH189 resize
FH 230 CU Top FH undoc sw 1125H heavy metallic lustre 2 cu


                Threaded             Undocumented        

FH Unknown Number Threaded Gold cu
FH Unk Crystal windows cu