Lead Lustre Decors

Records documenting 23 Lead Lustre decorations/colors (by number and description) have been found, but there are in fact more than twenty-four. They can be divided into ten categories or motifs: Leaf & Vine, Festoons, Marbleized, Monochromatic, Wheel Cut, Green with Crizzled Top, Abstract, Cut Top with Flat Bottom, Spider Webbing & Miscellaneous Other.


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                         Leaf & Vine 

LL Leaf Vine


Green -

Crizzled Top  

LL Green Crizzled




LL 623 20 Spider Webbing




LL Other




LL Mono



LL Festoons



LL Three marbleized



          Cut Top                    Flat Bottom

LL Cut Top Flat Bottom


         Wheel Cut

LL Wheel Cut




LL Abstract