Time & Place in America

Remember, a Free Hand or Lead Lustre vase is more than merely an "object". It is part of our past; a reminder of daily life in America at the time it was made. This adds a layer of richness and meaning. It makes what you are holding more complete. It gives it a soul. For example, you might find something touching in the words from a single page out of an old manuscript. When you learn that  page is from a diary written in the 1940's by a young girl named Anne Frank, everything changes. You realize how special what  you are holding really is.

With this in mind, the following "banners" associated with the 1920's will give you a flavor for the era that Free Hand and Lead Lustre were born in, lived in and died in:

                                               Prohibition       The Flapper      Jazz



           Talkies      Babe Ruth       Lindbergh       Hemingway



                               Art Deco      19th Amendment 
                        Stock Market Crash/Great  Depression