Free Hand Shapes

 SL 1979


On this website Free Hand examples will be grouped by decors, not by shape numbers.


LL 412 10 labelUnlike the Lead Lustre line, where production was consistently identified by both shape and decor numbers, e.g. LL 412-10, where 412 is a specific shape number and 10 identifies a specific decor, Free Hand numbers were apparently randomly assigned, unrelated to shape or decor. This makes it almost impossible to assign a FH number to an example not shown and specifically numbered on a salesman's catalog page or "Special Lot" page. There are 24 of these Special Lot pages, e.g. see Special Lot #1979 above. 


FH 248 bottomThere are 271 numbered examples on the Special Lot pages, plus a few more pieces have turned up with original paper labels showing Free Hand numbers not found on the Special Lot pages, e.g. the image on the left shows both the patented gold Imperial Free Hand Seal as well as the hand written stock number label.


All other examples will be identified as Free Hand Number Unknown or FH #Unk, even if the shape or decor or both can be found among the Special Lots.